Virtual Taxi Rides Introduction

Part 2: Maul - NYC - The Moon

A Virtual Ride In The Ultimate Taxi

The Ultimate Taxi Laser Show In 5k 3D VR!

Jon Wraps Up His Presentation

A Virtual Psychedelic Experience

Look Around Your Space Taxi!
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Virtual Taxi Rides Attributes

*Fun And Memorable
*Original, Colorful and Cool
*Combines Reality And Fantasy In VR
*Scalable if Successful
*Pre-Production Design Work Is Finished
*Can Be Produced For Children's Rides
*Seniors Can Ride To Relive Their Past

Jon's Final Thoughts

*Beautiful Locations Filmed In VR Are Available from Stock Agencys (examples)

*Still Need $$ For A Small Team Of Experts (Animation Team, App Devoloper, VR Camera Operator)
*Can Use Voice Control In Future Upgrades To Control The Destination
*Can Explore Space, Underwater, And Give Rides Through Virtual Worlds
*Perfect "Vehicle" To Offer Free Rides To Begin With, And Offering Additional Fun, But You Have To Pay The Meter.
*Already #1 In Search Engines For Virtual Taxi Rides

Contact Jon Barnes, If You Think Virtual Taxi Rides Is A Winner!